Shop online gold diamond chain at You will get all gold thick chain at wholesale price. This gold chain available in gold 14k and gold 10k metal. Gold is very high demanding and very expensive product in the world. So, Its looking amazing to wear gold jewelry. So, gold chain is so popular in gold jewelry. This all gold chain available in real diamond. And if you want to purchase real diamond gold chain then you can visit our website. There are two types of gold chain. First is the thick and heavy gold chain, And 2nd slim and average gold chain. Both available in affordable wholesale rate. You will get these gold chain in 3 different colors. 1st rose gold. 2nd yellow and 3rd white. 14K gold chain works great for simplicity and charms, or in complex layered designs with beads and wire wraps. 14 carat gold chains are perfect to build your fine jewelry designs around.

What is the process the purchase 14K gold chain

There is very simple way to purchase 14K and 10K gold diamond chain at wholesale price. Just follow the steps which I will show you in this blog. 1st go to and search shreeji Krupa jewel or real diamond jewelry manufacturer. Then you will get result first page on google. And then visit gold chain product category and click on the gold chain category. After that add any gold chain to cart as you like by clicking add to cart button. And then you will go to checkout section. Then you will get a form you have to fill it. Then you can choose the shipping option. And then you can choose payment options also. Read the terms and conditions and then click on checkbox to agree terms and conditions and then click place order button to confirm the order.

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Buy gold chain online at Shreeji Krupa Jewel

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