Luxuries jewelry with diamond stud and 14KT gold earrings manufacturer is Shreeji Krupa Jewel. We have earrings huge collection. You can see all the collections in our website. You will see in our website there is beautiful earrings and marvellous designs. These all real diamond studded jewelries. In earrings you can see in our collection there is all types of diamond studded in that. So it looks make very pretty and ravishing. Because of earrings womens look will get pleasing. In earring you can add color stone also. Color stone mostly uses in womens and men rings. Because of color stone it glance amazingly. If you want to take these type of earrings then visit our website Shreeji Krupa Jewel. In our website you will get gold earrings, silver earrings, gold 14KT and gold 10KT carat. And you will get with in all diamond quality types. Shop online real diamond gold earrings for women.

Latest earrings design collections

In 2022 we have new earrings marvellous collections. You can visit our website and watch all the collections. If you want to create any custom jewelry in earrings then most welcome you to take this type of orders. Just click photos of any type of earrings and send to us. So we can show that design to our highly experienced cad designers. So we will ready cad design of that earring, And we will send you to your whatsapp. And you can checkout that design it is okay or not. After your confirmation only we will do further process. And then we will send design to casting. So after ready design we will send u earring pic. And then you can decide it looks nice or not. If you satisfy with finishing then we will dispatch earrings. And after dispatching you will get in 5 to 7 working days. After order confirmation you will get within 20 to 25 days.

Can I do business from America?

You can buy it from any country and any city. We can supply earrings worldwide all countries and cities. In united states of America, we already have clients, so there is no problem that where you from. Just you have to open our website and place orders. Our website is so user friendly. You dont need to learn about it. So, all countries businessmen we are super welcome to you for doing this big business. We have good courier partner with best shipping rates. That courier deliver all jewelry items to all countries. Thats why you can do business anywhere from planet. There is only 300$ shipping for 1 parcel. No matter how much qty you purchase you will get fixed shipping rates from any country. You will get earrings in fixed shipping cost. This is lowest shipping cost for real diamond gold earrings.

How to purchase real diamond gold earrings wholesale?

There is very simple way to purchase real diamond gold earrings for women in wholesale rate. Just visit and go to earrings sections. And then select any earrings as you like. And then select any color like rose gold , yellow or white and then choose diamond quality. Click add to cart to add all products in cart. After adding cart you have to click to the checkout page. And then fill forms and add your shipping and billing address. After filling details choose any payment options and you can advance payment with bank transfer.

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