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Wholesale Gold Silver Real Diamond Jewelry in USA

Wholesale gold & silver real diamond jewelry available in USA. We are starting our export work to the worldwide. So any jewelry shops can contact us. We have 14 carat & 18 carat gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold pendants, gold rings and gold chains. And also silver bracelet, silver earring, silver pendant and silver chain. All available in wholesale rate. There is no limit to purchase quantity. You can purchase single and multiple quantity. We have best quality products only. There is no doubt about our product quality. And you can get delivery in just 25 to 30 days. In case if you got any manufacturing defect then you can exchange pcs with the same pcs.

We have heavy machinery for productions. and we have well educated more then 10 years highly experienced staffs. So you don’t need to worry about quality of products.

How much quantity we can purchase ?

There is no limit to purchase jewelry. If you purchase greater then 10,000$ products. Then you don’t need to pay any extra shipping or any kind of fees. And if you purchase less then 10,000$ then you will have to purchase extra charges as per your country Pincode.

What is the procedure to purchase wholesale real diamond jewelry?

There is very easy way to purchase products. Just go to the any category as you like. And then choose any product as you want. Click add to cart button. If not showing add to cart button then click on product name or image. Now you will get product type filters. You can select any category filer (for ex. color/diamond type). Then you will get product exact cost. This is wholesale rate. So, click add to cart and then fill form. And choose payment method. You can choose any payment method. We have online bank transfer, cards payment, PayPal, Skrill all available. Choose any of this and click place order button. That’s it.