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Diamond earrings for women in gold and silver metal

New designer diamond earrings for women in gold and silver metal, Get 14KT gold diamond earrings for special occasions. Checkout our new diamond earrings for women. We have 14KT and 10KT earrings available in different different diamond qualities. We have HI-H1, HI-S1, HI-S2, HI-VS, HI-VS1, IJ-I1 quality of diamonds. You can choose any quality as you want and as per your clients requirements.

In US market mostly require 10 KT and 14KT diamond jewelry. So we decided to create both gold 14 and 10 carat gold earrings. And we have silver earrings also. You can select silver earrings by clicking filter sections. After click on filter with silver, You can see the silver earrings.

If you want to purchase earrings then select color and then select metal carat and then select diamond quality. And click on add to cart button. And go to cart button. Then click on checkout button. Then fill details and then click place order. That’s it. You will get order id and confirmation mail to your email address.