India’s #1 diamond ring exporter for USA and other countries. These all are you can order us with your design. Or you can send a picture, we will create that jewelry for you in gold in 14KT or 10KT metal. All diamond rings are in 3 colors available. Rose gold ring, yellow ring and white ring. You can choose as you like from this list. We not create diamond ring stock in our showroom. Because we are the manufacturer so after confirming your order only we can make a jewelry for you. We have well experienced in diamond wedding rings. Because we sell a huge amount of jewelry diamond ring in USA. So we know the USA test. Just visit our website real diamond jewelry manufacturer

How can your business with us?

There are two ways to become our business partners. 1st you can contact us with our mail id or WhatsApp number. We will send product list on WhatsApp or mail. And 2nd way we did easy for you. Because second way is you can visit our website for direct order with us. You can send direct order from our website also. There is no need to forward images or catalog in mail or WhatsApp. So its very easy for you and for us. We have good shipping option also. So our delivery and shipping services are quite good. We are charging 300 USD for 1 parcel. So its minimum shipping amount. Because we are doing wholesale and export business we are charging minimum shipping amount. Which is 300$. For ex. If you order 50,000$ products then also you need to pay only 300$.

Is this business will be profitable?

Yes of course this business will be profitable. Because our labor costs are very minor. So, you can get a good amount of profit. And you can upload our diamond rings on your business portals also. You can show our all products to your customers also. You can get maximum business in this diamond rings category. We have different types of diamond quality. HI-I1 diamond quality, HI-S1 diamond ring quality, HI-S2 diamond ring quality. HI-VS diamond ring quality, HI-VS1 diamond ring quality and IJI1 diamond ring quality. All available in gold 14KT and 10KT. So, Don’t wait and now log on to our website shreeji krupa jewel

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